AdultSwine Malware Shows Pornography in Games for Kids



Google removed 60 nefarious app that contained hidden malware called “AdultSwine” which shows pornographic ads from Play Store after Check Point– a security research company found the malware and What’s shocking is that they have been downloaded between 3 millions to 7 million Android Phones. Many of the removed games were aimed at kids.

Google removed the affected apps immediately from the Play Store soon after checkpooint reported the malware issue.

“We’ve removed the apps from play store,disabled the developers’ accounts, and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them. We appreciate Check Point’s work to help keep users safe” Google said in an emailed statement

The researchers also found that the malicious code can move laterally within the phone’s infrastructure,opening the doors for other attacks, such as user password theft

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The main goal of AdultSwine is to make its creators money by displaying pornographic and other inappropriate advertisements. The code and control servers determines which ads are displayed and when, and it keeps the malware active even when the user switches to another, uninfected app by injecting advertisements where possible.

According to Check Point’s researchers, AdlutSwine is a particularly insidious malware because it is found in trusted source App and it will cause emotional distress and financial loss to developers.

Five Nights Survival Craft also in the list of infected apps, which has been installed between 1 to 5 million downloads, and Mcqueen Car Racing Game, which has been installed at least 500,000 times.

Most Popular Infected apps are

  • Five Nights Survival Craft
  • Mcqueen Car Racing Game
  • Addon Pixelmon for MCPE
  • CoolCraft PE
  • Exploration Pro WorldCraft
  • San Andreas City Craft
  • Subway Banana Run Surf
  • ExplorationLite: Wintercraft
  • Addon Sponge Bob for MCPE

How to protect your device from Malware

  • Keep your smartphone updated to the latest firmware.
  • Use Premium Antivirus Software.
  • Don’t open emails from unknown source or senders
  • Never install apps from unknown websites and source


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