Apple Users Can Secretly Call 911 Using Fingerprint


Apple developed a new way to call emergency number 911 using their fingerprint. It is very useful to contact emergency number when the user isn’t safe to make the call physically. The user can make call without being unlock the phone

Apple also filled patent for developing a discreet way to call police to the U.S Patent and Trademark. User can make call without being unlocked. User would predetermine a fingerprint or a sequence of touches to contact emergency number if the parented technology is used in the future iPhone models.

A patent approval was published on Tuesday depicted technology that would sense the manner in which a finger touched the iPhone screen to make a 911 call. So user can make the emergency call by hiding the user’s action from attackers.

The phone would provide the users location to police and could also live stream audio or video from the phone. The Apple already provide similar SOS feature on the Apple Watch. In Apple Watch there is a specific button that automatically calls the authorities.

In 2015, a Women used a similar trick that she sent a message to pizza hut by adding to call police when she and her children was being held at knife pot of her boyfriend. However,it is still unclear when this feature available on iPhone.


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