Chrome Extension Caught For Mining Cryptocurrency



        Another famous Chrome extension has been caught for mining various cryptocurrencies with the knowledge of their users. Archive Poster, a chrome extension that helps Tumblr users reblog,Queue,Draft and repost from the other blogs,also runs Coinhive,a cryptojacking program that secretly mines the cryptocurrency Monero which was created in 2014 April using CPU.

The extension has 105,000 users according to the Chrome Store. This extension uses users CPU and it will slowdown the system

ATTENTION! DANGEROUS! This extension is hijacked since a few weeks with a code which mines crypto-currency, which means it will change and read ALL data and sites you visit and causes 100% CPU usage,” one Chrome review says.

However,Cryptojacking software is not a dangerous malware. It is so annoying as it uses your CPU time and slows down your computer considerably.The developers behind the extension,Essence Labs, says that their program was hacked by someone who had targeted an ex-employee.

If you have installed Archive Poster Extension on your PC,type “ Chrome://extensions” into your browser and click the trash icon next to the extension to uninstall it


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