‘CopyCat’ Malware Infected 14 Million Android Devices


A new malware called CopyCat has infected more than 14 Million outdated Android devices around the globe and they earn more than millions of dollars through fraudulent advertising and app installation according to the Israeli cyber security firm called Check Point Software Technologies.

CopyCat mainly affected on rooting devices. While CopyCat infected mainly on Asia,more than 280,000 in the USA .

The malware operation,which peaked during April and May 2016,which affected more than 14 million android phones. The hackers,who were behind CopyCat earned around $1.5 million in fake ad revenues in two months,says Check point spokesperson.

However,there was no evidence that CopyCat was spread through Google Play,according to Check point technologies. CopyCat mainly spreads by pretending like popular app that people on third-party stores,as well as phishing scams.

The major victim of CopyCat were in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Indonesia. This malware affected more than 381,000 devices in Canada.In March 2017,Check point informed about CopyCat campaign and how is works?


What does CopyCat do?

CopyCat is an extensive campaign that infected 14 million users,out of its 8 million were rooted ones. The US tech giant Google estimates that only lesser than 50,000 devices are affected by Malware and they had taken steps to block the malware on Google’s Android devices,even so many of them running outdated Android version.

Click here to read Copycat research report


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