Eero released its 2nd generation WiFi System


Wireless networking startup Eero announced their new version of Eero wireless base station.Eero launched their first product in last year.Eero was the first simple and powerful Wi-Fi system developed for home use.Actually,eero was the first company introduced mesh networking products to market.After Eero’s entry to market, Google,Samsung,TP-Link and so many companies focussed on mesh networking Wi-Fi system.However,no one couldn’t slow down Eero’s business.Eero is the worlds simplest,most reliable Wi-Fi system manufacturer.Its pro Wi-Fi system is perfect for Ethernet-wired homes.

Eero2nd-gen and Eero Beacon

Today company announced their two products

1)2nd-gen Eero



Today company launching their upgraded version of its wireless base station.The 2nd-gen Eero looks like their older model but the company upgraded the hardware features.The new model provides tri-band Wi-fi which is twice as powerful than old one.It uses new powerful connector USB-C for both data and power and it has two Ethernet ports too.Copany claims that its 2nd-gen base station are twice as stronger than the old one.The new model provides Gigabit speed capability.

Key features

  • Powerful tri-band radios

  • Mixed topology-It means we can connect over either ethernet or wirelessly.

2)Eero Beacon


Apart from the 2nd-gen base station,company also unveil their new product called Eero Beacon.Eero Beacon is only half size as of old Eero.Actually,it is not much powerful than 2nd-gen Eero but better than their initial one.Eero Beacon has LED light,Light sensor, automatic dimmer.The company claims that it intelligently adjusts brightness depending on the time of day.We can also set a specific brightness schedule using the eero app.

People really wanted something simple .Over half of Eeros are plugged into places like kitchens and halfways where you don’t want to have a bunch of chords” says Nick Weaver,CEO of Eero.

Key Features

  • Data encryption -provides strongest as well as standard encryption for conncting between eeros,the cloud,and the app.

  • Profile protection

  • Regular security updates-company provides regular updates

About Eero.

                 Eero is the first WiFi system for homes in fast and reliable.It was founded in 2014,eero makes it so no one has to think about home WiFi again.Eero is company based in Saan Francisco,USA


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