Facebook Will Show ADS On Messenger Soon


After testing messenger ads in Thailand and Australia,Facebook announced they are going to extend this feature to other parts of the world. However,the ads will not shown in conversation instead of this ads will be displayed between the chat threads.

Messenger is dedicated to building new and creative ways to help businesses and developers to connect with more than 1.2 billion people around the world who use the platform every month”,Says on Facebook’s blog post .

By clicking on the ads will either be taken to advertiser’s website page or to a chat window where user can interact with advertisers. Since January,Facebook tests this feature in Australia and Thailand. This will increase the revenue of Facebook gets around 85% of its ad revenue from mobile.

Facebook removed messaging option from the main app already. Now users can’t chat with their friends without messenger app. so people can’t escape from ads

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A small percentage of people will begin to see ads in their messenger Home tab towards the end of this month as we build ads inventory,and then learn from this beta expansion to ensure we’re continuing to deliver the best experience.”- Facebook added

Facebook also provide an option to their users to hide specific ads temporarily,but not stop them permanently.

However,How messenger users reaction to the ads in their home screen remain to be seen.


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