Google India Launches “Neighbourly” App to Solve Local Queries


Google India released a new social app called “neighbourly” in the country on Thursday. This app mainly aims to help people to find local Q&A in their neighborhood.


Courtesy: Google

“The beta version is available today in Mumbai. If you’re in different city, join the waitlist,”- Google India Tweeted.

The new app of Google helps people in the same area to ask questions and queries and find reliable answers.

“People nearby often have the exact information you need, but they are too busy these days to stop and chat on the street or in the park. And group chats keep getting bigger and noiser and often fill up with those “Good Morning” messages- Caesar Sengupta,VP of Next Billion Users Team says in a blog.

Tech giant Google , has introduced so many initiative in India like Tez– Mobile payment app, YouTube GO, Google AREO, Google Station. By using “neighbourly” app users can share their views and opinions of different places. Users also get rewards for most helpful answers with badges and community events, which is similar to the Local guides initiative on Google Maps.

“We built neighborly as a way to connect you with your neighborhood, ask questions, share expertise and stay up to date in a safe way,– Caesar added in his blog

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The main highlight of Neighbor app is it allows users to ask and answer in eight different Indian languages apart from English and it also allows users to record and send Questions and Answers in Voice too instead of typing .

“ With ‘Neighbourly’, we are finding new ways to move forward on Google’s mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” Josh Woodward, Product Manager of Google Next Billion Users team, said in a statement.

However, Google Neighbourly currently available only in Mumbai and we hope they will extend there services to all other parts of the country soon.


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