Google Unveiled AI Powered Clip Camera


Tech Giant Google unveiled its tiny clips camera, that powered AI to figure out when it should take a picture or video. The camera’s Artificial Intelligence helps the camera itself automatically adjusts its resolution and it has packed with 130-degree lens to fit more of the scene in the frame.

The new camera can pick up to fifteen frames per second. Google also claims that its moment IQ is clever enough to figure out not only when lens is covered,but the best expressions in the frame, when the lighting is spot on, and when the framing is idea.

The camera costs $249 and Google hasn’t said much about the device, but it began selling it today. The camera has a shutter button 12MP sensor, and 16GB of storage to save up to 3 hours of capture. We expected to ship the product by the beginning of March 2018. The lens is protected with Gorilla Glass 4.

The camera also has Bluetooth LE and a USB-C port,the latter can also use to charge the camera. The camera will stand upright on flat base even without the clip. There’s is a WiFi direct for transferring data to your smartphone, which needs to be running Android 7.0 or newer, or an iPhone iOS 10 or newer


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