NanoPi Neo Plus2:Perfect rival for Raspberry Pi


FriendlyARM, the developer of single board computer NanoPI boards,has released their new model called NanoPi Neo Plus2 for $24.99.

NanoPi Neo Plus2 is the update version of their NanoPi Neo2. The latest NanoPi Neo Plus 2 about 40mm x 52mm.It’s half of their main rival Raspberry Pi computer. It has quad-core ARM Cortex -A53 processor with 1GB of RAM,8GB of eMMX storage,Gigabit Ethernet,802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0

The NanoPi Neo Plus 2 is $10 cheaper than Raspberry Pi3,selling for $24.99.FriendlyARM says the design is made to suit internet of things applications that require a compact device with High speed and large data transmission and high performance computing.

Hardware Specification

In NanoPi Neo Plus 2 has 1Gb of DDR3 ram with storage of 8GB eMMC. It supports 10/100/1000M Ethernet and WiFi with 802.11b/g/n. It has two USB ports,MicroSD slot. It has also micro USB port for power and set of GPIO pins for developers . GPIO1 has 24Pin and other one has 12Pin.NanoPi Plus 2 aimed at making it easier to control hardware by its 36 GPIO pins and to develop software using the board.

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Software Features

It supports FriendlyElec’s BakeBit Kit,FriendlyElec’s NanoHAT OLED. It comes with pre-installed FriendlyElec’s NanoHAT Motor Python Library,WiringPi for GPIO process. It also comes with pre-installed RPI.GPIO for GPIO access. User can auto-login with user account “pi” with access to nip-config. It supports Gbps Ethernet,WiFi,Bluetooth 4.0, and USB camera of FriendlyElec’s FA-CAM202.


The company also says the system supports mainline U-boot and Linux. The company also offers Ubuntu Core 16 and Debian NAS operating system. The company also says it designed for small IoT appliances.


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