Oneplus caught again-Cheating Explained……


The Oneplus 5,the most anticipated smartphone of the year,was launched globally on tuesday.We have all know that lot rumours also arounded over the past week,most of features are there includes snapdragon 835 processor,dual camera,thinner and lighter design,etc.But now,just a few hours after the launch,Oneplus is accused of inflating the benchmark score again.

The developers of XDA claims that;

Last time around,Oneplus introduced changes to the behaviour of their ROM whenever it detected a benchmark application was opened.Such application names were explicitly listed by their package IDs within the ROM in a manifest that specified the targets.

the oneplus 5,on the other hand is an entirely different beast-it resorts to the kind of obvious,calculated cheating mechanism we saw in flagships in the early days of android,an approach that is clearly intended to maximize the scores in the most misleading fashion.

while there are no governor switches when a user enters a benchmark,the minimum frequency of the little cluster jumps to the maximum frequency as seen under performance governors.all little cores are affected and kept at 1.9ghZ,and it is through this cheat that oneplus achieves some of the highest geekbench 4 scores of a snapdragon 835 to date.

The XDA developers say that the Android powered Oxygen OS running on Oneplus 5 has apparently been altered with to produce higher scores in benchmark results.Mario Thomas Serrafero of XDA say that;

“This is an inexcusable move,because it is ultimately an attempt to mislead not just customers,but taint the work of reviewers and journalists with misleading data that most are not able to vet or verify.As a result,every Oneplus 5 review citing benchmark scores as an accolade of the phone’s success is misleading both writers and readers,and performance analyses based on synthetic benchmarks are invalidated”.

Cheating on benchmark score is not a new development in the android world,companies like Oppo,Meizu have also been found guilty for artificially boosting the benchmark score.Most of them are doing this to provide a positive impact to there product before the launch.

In my opinion,the benchmark score is not the deciding factor for the selection of smartphone.A smartphone’s performance is depend on many factors such as software optimisation,software and hardware link etc.We all know that some of the smartphones come with low powered processors and have slightly low benchmark score.However the smartphone is extremely fast and reliable in day to day use.So,the readers should never take into account the high or low benchmark score when deciding the smartphone.
Oneplus has responded to these allegations of benchmark cheating with a statement provide by the Oneplus co-founder Carl Pei;

We have made it so that when running benchmark apps,the phone performs the same as when running resource intensive apps such as 3d games.we also fully active our chipset in other part of oxygen os,for instance when launching the apps to make the launch experience faster and smoother.

we are not making it easier for the chipset to perform,for instance by changing to a lower resolution when detecting a benchmark app.we are not changing the performance of our chipset,for instance by overclocking it.

when users run benchmark apps,which i agree aren’t  useful proxy for real life performance,we believe that they want to see the full potential of their device without interference from tampering.that’s we have unlocked.

Every oem has proprietary performance profile for their devices,i appreciate that we have a tech enthusiastic following,but feel free to have a look around.:)

With Snapdragon 835 running in full clock speed,there is a high chance for the overheating,however the Oneplus confirm that the Oneplus 5 will turn itself off before it gets too hot and that it has the better thermal management than the predecessors.

It is very disappointing that the Oneplus is caught second time for cheating,particularly there is no need to do so.Even without artificially boosted benchmark score,the Oneplus 5 is one of the fastest device available in the market today.

What you think about the Oneplus cheating???Are you convinced by Oneplus explanation??let us known in the comment below….



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