Path Guide:Microsoft’s Map work Without GPS

Source: Microsoft
Source: Microsoft

US tech Giant Microsoft released an app,called Path Guide, which works without GPS or other advanced sensors. Path Guide is an innovative app with an unconventional approach to indoor navigation.

Path Guide currently available only on Android device that mainly focuses on the navigation of indoor mapping. Nowadays,there are so many apps available in market like Google Maps for navigation purposes but it is not working properly where GPS satellite signals are not accurately traceable.

Microsoft’s Research Asia’s Cloud & Mobile Research group recently launched Path Guide,which uses sensors already in the phone. Path Guides uses accelerometers in phone to count steps and magnetometers to sense the general area . Path Guide doesn’t need GPS,Wireless beacons etc .

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Path Guide doesn’t need GPS,WiFi. The Path Guide only uses other sensors which is already available on your phone like accelerometers, gyroscopes, electronic compasses, barometers etc. Users can also create maps of buildings themselves and users can allow them to make these maps to other users who use Path Guide,allowing other users to search and navigate their way around buildings.

Microsoft’s has been trying to develop Path Guide for nearly two years and Microsoft admiits it still has some rough edges. Path Guide is still in its early stages-Microsoft added.

With the release of Path Guide, the company will gather suggestions and feedback’s from users.It will help Microsoft to make improvements in future version of the app.

Click here to download Path Guide


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