Pre-installed App on OnePlus Phones Collects User Logs


Security researcher just found an another secret App on OnePlus smartphones that collects tons of users data about your phone. Dubbed OnePlusLogKit,the second pre-installed app has been discovered by the same twitter user who found the hidden android rooting backdoor app which is pre-installed in most OnePlus Smartphone.

Couple of days ago,security researcher discovered the controversial “Engineer Mode” diagnostic testing application that could be used to root OnePlus without unlocking bootloader.

OnePlusLogKit can collects various information which includes

  • Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,GPS location

  • Phones IMEI,Phone numbers and MAC address

  • list of running process,battery status

  • media database including all your images,videos saved on the device.

OnePlusLogKit is disabled by default,however one can quickly enable it by dialing

*#800# “OnePlusLogKit” → enable “Save log” or one can enable it by using social engineering techniques .

OnePlus has yet to comment on the latest controversy,while the company didn’t see EngieerMode diagnostic tool as a major bug,and company promised they will remove it in the upcoming update.

Another security researcher has released an android application to root OnePLus phones by using backdoor discovered in EngineerMode.

The latest controversial issues will affect company’s demand and it will affect latest OnePLus 5T model too.


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