Samsung C-Lab Announces S-Ray Smart Speakers,Relumino Visual Aid Glasses and More ahead of CES 2018


Samsung has announced a number of new products developed under company’s C-Lab. Creative Lab shortly called as C-Lab which was started five years ago by Samsung to pursue innovative tech products. C-LAb is an incubator platform to development of innovative tech products.

Samsung says new three projects will be showcased for the first time at CES 2018 in Las Vegas later this week and that includes Relumino, a pair of smart visual aid glasses and the S-Ray portable directional speaker and the GoBreath solution that helps patients in recover with deep breathing exercises


Sound-Ray or S-ray is a portable directional speaker which is small enough to be portable,have been designed to allow users to carry them anywhere without hassle of using earphones.

The S-Ray project will consist of three new portable speakers-a Mini speaker, a Handy speaker, and the Neck Bend speaker.


GoBreath is the another interesting project from Samsung’s C-Lab with focus on healthcare. This device has been developed for folks who are recovering from the lung damage. The device is a combo of a breathing device and a mobile app that helps teach deep breathing techniques that would otherwise be difficult,and helps you track your progress. This device also offers cloud service which allows doctors to track their patients health.


Relumino is a smart glass have been developed and designed for Visually challenged people to see images clearly when they are looking or reading objects. Relumino takes advantage of the high resolution cameras and screen to let them act as a powerful, digitally modifiable pair of glasses. This app also features number of different modes that all address different facets of low vision


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