Samsung Galaxy S8-It’s an evolution or a gimmick….



Samsung Galaxy S8,its definitely a game changer for Samsung,they combined everything it did in the past generations and some new ideas to make something different from other smartphones.

Of course Samsung had to do this,We all know that the issues they faced around the Note 7,The last premium smartphone they released.So they have to create a new phone that will get people excited and forget the issues related to the Note 7.

After touching with the Galaxy S8,We can easily say that this is the best phone released so far this year.In the past decade,All the smartphone companies are try to make some innovative ideas to there models.  But as per the design aspect,all of them are looking same.In the case of S8,they are completely changes the design as well as modern concepts.

From the people reaction,most of them are love the S8,they said its an evolution.But some of them have the opinion it’s only a gimmick.Let’s we can check it’s a Gimmick or Evolution.

Hardware and Design

The big reason the S8 is completely different from the other phones is the new corner to corner tiny bezel screen’Infinity Display’.It features a new aspect ratio(18.5:9),it is very taller and thinner than the traditional(16:9) screens.On the galaxy S8,it measures 5.8 inch and on the galaxy S8 plus,it measures 6.2 inches.The S8 and S8 plus are not big as their measurement since they are placed in a small bodies.The screen to body ratio is about 84%.The corner to corner screen make the phone beautiful and narrow.So,the phone is very easy to use in one hand.

Most of the time,we have not facing any issues related the display.But the height of the screen make difficult to reach the notification tray for the people have small thumb and also some app compatibity issues are also there,some of the apps are not automatically stretch to fit the screen.We have to manually adjust the apps to fill the screen.

The main highlight is the Quad HD super AMOLED panel,its wonderfully vibrant and sharp,it’s very bright even under direct sunlight also.We can easily say that this is the best display ever have in a smartphone.

The smartphone have glassy back panel,it’s a fingerprint’s very prompt to have scratches and smudges.But it will help the samsung for the wireless charging.

On the security concern,it have three scanners.Fingerprint scanner,iris scanner and face detection scanner is the three scanners.out of three i think the iris scanner is far better than the other ones.It’s very accurate and user friendly.The most annoying think i feel about S8 is the placement of the fingerprint scanner,its placed side by side to rear camera.It’s very disappointed to me.

On the processor side,The snapdragon 835 is a’s an octa core (2.35 GHz Quad+1.9 GHz Quad)processor.there is no lags or anything happend on our testing.But,the snapdragon processored phone is sale in us and other western markets only.The rest of the world gets smasung’s own similarly equipped Exynos octa core processor.Both the processors are fast and responsive,i think snapdragon 835 is slightly better than the samsung’s own processor.

On the camera side,Samsung is not change the rear camera.It’s a same 12 megapixel,f/1.7 and optically stabilised camera setup as the S7 have.But samsung claims that by advanced software processing,it will produce more detailed image than the S7.

In front facing camera,there have some hardware improvement,Upgraded to 8 megapixel with autofocus technology.It ensures that your face is in focus whether you are taking a solo selfie or a group selfie.

On the battery side,The S8 have 3000 mAh battery and the S8 plus have 3500 mAh battery,Both have smaller battery capacity than the S7 Edge.But it is far better than the S7 Edge.I think the new design policy help them to provide the better battery life than S7 Edge.

Software and Performance

The Galaxy S8 is running on the Android Nougat 7.0 with samsung’s skin.I feel samsung skin is little bit ugly because of there apps.Most of the android apps have been duplicated by samsung,It will definitely confuse the users.Samsung browser over google chrome,samsung pay over android pay,apps stores,Emails apps are some of them.we can’t delete the pre- installed apps,It was huge disappointed to me.Sorry,have a another biggest disappointment BIXBY.No words,Samsung also given a bixby button is there,but we can’t remap the button to any other function.The samsung claims that it will definitely improve in the future updates.

On the performance side,overall it is a beast among the android smartphones.The snapdragon 835 paired with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage perform very well.The app switching,apps opening and closing are perform good with out any lag.But the big doubt in mind is how fast will the S8 after a few month of use.

On the connectivity side,S8 is the first phone which have Gigabit LTE and Bluetooth 5.Which provide better range and ability to deliver audio to two different bluetooth devices.S8 have traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB type C for wired charging and data transfer. The wifi and other LTE bands are same as the predecessor S7.It’s also have NFC and MST for Samsung Pay.


  • IP 68 Water and Dust resistant
  • Beautiful design
  • Great camera
  • Wireless charging
  • Stunning display
  • Iris scanner


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Pre installed apps
  • weired fingerprint placement
  • Useless bixby


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