Spotify announce group playlist inside messenger


Spotify,in conjuction with Facebook Messenger has launched the Spotify bot for messenger,to share songs with people on earlier of this year.Today,Spocify announced new bot which allow users to make playlist inside messenger ,after the successfull launch of their bot which lets user share song clips with friends.

The new feture called Group Playlist for messenger, is accessed through Spotify’s existing Messenger app.This feature can accessed by tapping on the blue plus sign to the right of input box.The person can create playlist from there,but the person must be a Spotify user.Then clicks the new “Create” button at the bottom of the screen.We can also gives the playlist title,then sends it into the group chat session.

Anyone in the group can add their songs to the playlist,for getting this feature doesn’t require them to have Spotify account,the source says.But,non-users can only preview the playlist in messenger-to listen,they will need to download Spotify app and Sign Up.Existing Spotify users who haven’t connected or link with their Spotify app to Facebook will be able to do from Spotify extension.

Spotify refused to say how many people have used the Messenger bot since its launch,but they said “millions of songs: had been shared via their bot.


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