Sticky AI-Latest AI App from Prisma labs


Prisma labs recently launched its second AI-based App Sticky AI,designed to turn selfies into stickers that can use in messages and on social networks.

Sticky uses artificial intelligence to help you create your own selfie stickers incredibly fast.Create still and animated stickers,save them to the sticker pack and share easily to your conversations.make your chats in messenger and social networks even funnier.

The app will isolate your photo from the background,then allow us to use it as in various style,you can add text,create animations and save them as GIFs.


According to Prisma labs;

We trained neural networks to find different objects on a photo/video and even on a liVe video stream.So basically our trained neural networks looking for a person On a photo.Thats all we need.Then we cut out the background and the sticker is ready.its very complex tech behind an easy user expErience.

We hope that the Sticky AI also given a different experience for the user and become an another hit from the Prisma.

You can download the App from both Play store and App Store.So,don’t waste your time and download the Sticky AI now.


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