15 Essential Open Software You Must Have


There are so many Free and open source software available (FOSS) on Internet. FOSS is a computer software that can be classified as both free and open-source software. That means,anyone can use freely without paying single penny. Here we are sharing 15 most useful open source software.

They are


Mozilla is a free and open source software community created in 1998. Mozilla has produced so many products such as Firefox web browser,Thunderbird e-mail,Firefox OS for mobile,Bugzilla etc. Firefox currently record usage of 24.43% share of web browser .

To download Firefox:Click here


Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google. It was released in 2008.It was released for Microsoft Windows,and was later available for Linux,iOS and Android..Chrome OS used as a platform for running web apps.

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3)Open Office:

Apache OpenOffice(AOO) is an open-source software. It is the best alternative for Microsoft Word Spreadsheets,Presentations,graphics,database and more.It is one of most successful software developed by OpenOffice.org. Initial release was in 8th May 2012,after 8 months of their Initial release they released their stable version on October 12,2012.

To download Openoffice click here


Shotcut is a free,open source software,cross-platform video editor for Windows,Mac and Linux. It was started in 2011 by Dan Dennedy. Stable release of Shotcut was released in February 1,2017.It supports so many audio ,video formats and image formats like BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TGA,TIFF etc.

To download Shotcut Click here


Just like name indicates OSQuery ,it gives users the ability to query and log things like running processes,logged in users,Password changes,USB devices,Listening ports and many more.

To download click here.

6)Blendor 3D

Blendor 3D is a professional FOSS 3D computing graphics software used for making of animated films,visual effects,3D,Video games etc. The initial release of Blender3D was released in January 1995 and stable version was released in February 28,2017.It was written in C,C++ and Python. It was available for all leading Operating system such as Windows,MacOS and Linux.

To download click here

7)Virtual Box

VirtualBox is a free and open-source software currently being developed by Oracle Corporation. It was initially Developed by Innotek GmbH,it was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008 and it was acquired by Oracle in 2010.The initial version was developed in 15th January 2017.It was written in C,C++,x86 Assembly.

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It was the modification of the free and open-source graphics program. Its primary purpose was to make users of Photoshop feel comfortable using GIMP.Its stable software was released in 2006.It was created by Scott Moschella.Firstly,it was developed only for Mac OS X.It had been available to Windows,Linux and Solaris.

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Abiword is also am open-source doftware.The name Abiword derived from Spanish word “abierto”,meaning “open”.The initial release of Abiword was in December1,1998.It is the alternative of word processor.It was written in C++.

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10) Mozilla Sunbird:

Mozilla Sunbird commonly known as Sunbird,is a FOSS,cross-platform calender application.It was developed by joint venture of so many open open source volunteer such as Mozilla Foundation ,Sun Microsystem.It was written in C++,XUL,XBL,JavaScript.It is avalable for all major operating systems such as Windows,Linux,BSD,UNIX,OS X,Solaris,Opensolaris and OS/2

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ClamWin is an antivirus software. Apart from other antivirus software its a free because it’s open-source.Clamwin doesn’t provide real time protection and it won’t check files open them or have them written to your hard deive.This is the main diadvantage of ClamWin.It scans are on-demand only.Its stable version was released in january 17,2016.C++ and Python were used to develop Clamwin.

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Nextcloud is a software of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services.It is a best alternative for Dropbox.Next cloud is written in PHP,JavaScript.

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It is one of many open-source for RSS readers.It is written in Java.It was released in December19,2004.It was released under the Eclipse Public License.It is a free software.It support for RSS & RDF version.

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It is a light weight plus web-based bug tracking system.Initially,it was developed for Psi Jabber Client project.Its written in PHP.It is very easy to install on our system.It has advanced search features.

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MusikCube is best alternative for iTunes.It organizes your mp3s,and it makes you to find songs easily.Its initial version released on 23rd March,2012.It was written in C++.Its available for Windows OS only.

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