Apple testing 3D-Face Scanner as replacement for Fingerprint Sensor


According to Bloomberg,Apple Inc is testing an improved security system that allows users to log in,authenticate payment and securely launch apps by scanning their face,which is powered by a new 3D sensor.The reports suggest that Apple is also testing iris scanner to augment the system.

The sensor’s speed and accuracy is the main focus now,It can scan a user’s face and unlock the iPhone within a few hundreds of milliseconds.It is designed to work even if the device is placed in a flat surface.

We all know that Apple is not the first to use different forms of biometric authentications.Samsung already used iris scanner and face detection technique for authentication on there latest flagship Galaxy S8.But in S8,users can trick the sensors with printed copies of the person’s eye or face.In Apple,the sensor’s has 3D depth perception,which means the system is less likely to be duped by 2D pictures.

In addition to the 3D face scanner,Apple is testing next generation iPhone prototypes that includes a new dedicated chip for artificial intelligence tasks.The AI chip is internally called the Apple Neural Engine and would improve battery life efficiently handling tasks like image recognitions and other tasks.

Apple also working on new augmented reality capabilities,It’s unclear whether the new 3D will support AR features or just focusing face and eye scanning for security and authentication.For now,Apple’s public AR work is focused on ARKit,a software platform for developers to make AR apps.


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