BankBot Returns On Play Store To Steal Your Bank Details


Google does ton of steps to keep the play store from Malware and Shady Apps. However still it’s impossible to stay away from attackers and malware all the time. Mobile threat intelligence collaboration between Avast,ESET and Sfylabs has been detected new version of malicious mobile Trojan called as BankBot. This bot will steal users bank details without knowing of users. The security researchers found this app in ‘trustworthy flashlight apps’,tricking users to download it.

Security researchers found various version of BankBot in play store more than once in 2017.Google removed at least four different version of BankBot from play store earlier this year. The main goal of this Trojan was to spy on users and collect their bank login details and steals their money.

BankBot mainly targeted Wells Fargo,Chase and Citibank customers. It also affect victims two-factor authentication text messages. The bot’s activities include installing a fake UI that’s laid over the clean banking app. The Trojan’s been known to steal users data who live in the US., Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Australia.

The new version of BankBot was hiding in applications like Tornado Flashlight, Lamp For Darkness and Sea Flashlight on 13th October. According to the security experts who found BankBot,its programmers were able to circumvent the Play Store’s security scans by publishing BankBot-infected apps under multiple accounts and delaying execution of its malicious code for two hours after users granted it device administrator rights .

To stay protected

  • Users should deactivate the option in Google Play Store to apps from other sources

  • Users should install a security app on their phone to protect from various Trojans like BankBot.

  • Check users ratings before installing a new app.


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