How to enable Dark Mode in iOS 11


For a long time,Every iOS fans are asking for Dark mode which has been seen on the most android the recent software upgrade,iOS 11 Apple introduces a display setting that inverts most of the colours on your device.In setting we have a Smart invert option to enable the Dark mode.

When you enabling the smart invert,You will see that background become black.You can notice that the App icon and toggle switch colour is unchanged.On home screen,the wallpaper does not get inverted but the dock at the bottom does and the white text in the top become black.

In third party apps,it is less smart.I think it will get smarter when the final version of iOS 11 is rolled out.

To enable Dark mode in iOS 11 public beta,follow the below steps;

  • Tap Settings and then General
  • Then Accessibility
  • Tap on Display Accomodations
  • Tap on Invert colours
  • Toggle on Smart Invert

If you want to experience the Dark mode on your device,you have to register and install the iOS 11 public beta on your device.It is not good to install the public beta on your primary device because it have so many bugs and glitches.

To register and install the iOS 11 public beta,please read;

How to install iOS 11 Public Beta on your iPhone and iPad

You can set an accessibility shortcut for smart invert that will let you triple click home button to on and off the Smart invert mode.

To set up the shortcut;

  • Tap Settings,General and Accessibility
  • Then Accessibility shortcut
  • Select Smart Invert

Lot of other helpful features are also have on iOS 11,We will discuss with you later.Please keep in touch with us…


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