Facebook Changes Their News Feed Algorithm To Curb Spammers


       Facebook inc said it was changing their news feed algorithm to avoid top spammers. Facebook said it would decrease the influence of a “tiny group” of people who share large amount of low-quality public posts daily. As per Facebook’s data it has affect only 0.1% of people who share more than 50 posts per day.

The move is another step by U.S tech giant Facebook to wipe out spam. The algorithm behind the news feed determines which posts people see from friends,and other source. So if they change algorithm,Facebook block the posts from people.

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“Our research shows that there is a tiny group of people on Facebook who routinely share vast amount of public posts per day,effectively spamming people’s feeds,’ said Adam Mosseri,Vice president of Facebook’s News Feed,in a blog post.

Facebook,which has 2 billion monthly active users. Out of this, around 0.1% people share low quality content such as clickbait,sensationalism and misinformation. As a result we want to reduce the influence of theses spammers and deprioritize the links they share more frequently than regular shares.”-Mosseri added.


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