Facebook’s Internet Beaming Drone Aquilla Completed Second Journey

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Facebook’s internet-beaming drone Aquilla completed its second flight and landed perfectly. Aquilla completed its journey on May 22,2017 in Yuma,Arizona. The drone flew for more than 105 minutes and landed perfectly on preparing landing site.

Aquila is a lightweight as well as solar powered aircraft. When Aquila is ready ,it will be a fleet of solar-powered planes that will beam internet connectivity across the world”Mark Zuckerberg,CEO of Facebook says on his Facebook page.

Aquila’s first flight was a structural failure that affected craft’s landing,according to an investigation by the National Transport Safety Board.

Facebook made number of changes than their initial Aquila model such as

  • Adding “spoilers” to the wings to increase drag and reduce lift during landing approach

  • Added more than 100s of sensors to get new data

  • Integrating new radios for communication subsystem

  • horizontal propeller installed to support a successful landing.

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Facebook also claimed that Aquila climbed at 180 feet per minute,twice as fast as its initial test. For successful landing of Aquila Facebook created landing pad with 500 foot circle of level gravel,around 6 inches of deep. It helps the flight crew uploads .

Use of Aquila

Facebook plans to use Aquila to bring internet to people those who haven’t had internet reliable access. Facebook announced that couple of days ago that it has two billion users. So,Facebook need to improve wireless infrastructure to reach another milestones like 3 billion active users.

Mark Zuckerberg,CEO of Facebook already announce that he want to provide internet access to the rural areas of world where that currently out of internet.And surely Aquila will help Mark to fulfill his wish.

facebook blog


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