Firefox Focus:Ad-free Private Browser


Today,Mozilla Firefox announce new ad-free browser for android users. New browser simply called Firefox Focus which is already available on iOS since last year. Firefox spokesperson announced after their successful period of Firefox Focus on the iOS version,which has 4.6 rating in apple store,they are decided to bring it in to Android as well.

Firefox Focus blocks ads by default. Company claims that it will increase browsing speed and reduce Data usage. The UI is an aesthetically-pleasing ombre of Pink and Purple. The app came with Yahoo as default search engine. However,users can change it in to their favorite search engine. Firefox Focus is a very simple and different kind of browser,Focus is permanently in private mode. However,Focus doesn’t support tab facility,so users can browse single page at a time. We hope,they will solve this issue by future updates. Focus also protect from various tracking methods just like TOR browser.


Firefox Focus doesn’t allow so many customization. It is mainly focused for those who want to remain private whenever possible. So,Focus might not be for all users .Android version of Firefox Focus has some additional features than their iOS version. It has ad counter,which is not available on their iOS version,which informs users how many ads are being blocked by browser. In Focus,users can easily clear cookies,passwords and history as well by single touch.

Click below link for Firefox Focus


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