Firefox Quantum : High Speed Browser From Mozilla


Mozilla released their latest and greatest browser called Firefox Quantum. Mozilla have been trying to rebuilding Firefox to make Firefox as the number one browser.

Firefox Quantum,which is built entirely on their very own rust programming language. Most of the people using chrome as their default browser because it user friendly and UI designs.

There are 265,252,859,191,742,656,903,069,040,640,000 ways are possible ways to customize the new Firefox toolbar. It is the one of the biggest update from Firefox since they launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004.We can surf ton of pages,open a zillion tabs,all guilt free because of Firefox Quantum uses less memory than any other competitive.

A purple masked symbol on right side indicates the what the mode you are in. Firefox Quantum also provides tracking protection facility on by default.

The company claims it’s twice as fast as the original. It beats Google Chrome in a browser speed test. Quantum was a project with about 700 authors contributing to the code and took a year to complete the project.

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