Get Ready For New Emojis,Including Hijab Women & Vampire


Unicode 10 officially launched new 56 emojis,including Hijab women and Bitcoin. The final list of emojis originally unveiled in March of this year. Unicode consortium took several months to finalize release the new emojis.

                                   Unicode 10.0 adds 8,518 characters, for a total of 136,690 characters.

                                   These additions include 4 new scripts, for a total of 139 scripts, as well as

                                    56 new emoji characters.

The new emojis are :

  • Hijab Women

  • vampire

  • Sandwich

  • Crazy Face

  • Dinosaurs

  • Bitcoin symbol

  • Coconut

  • Male Fairy

  • Colbert Emoji (Face With Raised Eyebrow)

  • Exploding Head

  • Elf

  • Genie

  • Zombie

  • Person in Steamy Room

  • Person Climbing

  • Brain

  • Mage

  • Orange Heart

  • Scarf

  • Gloves

  • Zebra

  • Giraffe

  • Hedgehog

  • Pie

  • Canned Food and many more..

An announcement on Unicode states:’Unicode 10.0 adds 8,518.After the release of new emojis,the Unicode standard consist of 136,690 characters .There are way too many emoji already, and it will never be “complete” by definition .If they add this many more every year we’ll be drowning in them in a couple years.

The Unicode 10 new emojis will be available on latest update of iOS 11.0.But the release of new emojis seemingly too late for inclusion on iOS11.So Apple might pull over to their next updates like iOS 11.1 or 11.2.

The new emojis are available on Beta version of Android O.

Unicode standard is the foundation for all modern software  and applications including Operating systems,Laptops,Browsers,Internet and web(URLs,HTML,CSS etc)

Unicode 10.0 out the door so attention has already move towards to their next updates,Unicode 11.To get complete details head to Emojipedia


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