Google disables iOS App that used to monitor users’ digital habits


Tech giant Google has disabled their application for iPhone which was used to monitor and collect the data of iOS users, after apple reveals that the app violates Apple’s privacy policy just like the Facebook’s research app did.

                Google used an iOS app namely Screenwise Meter app which uses an enterprise certificate to bypass the App store. Google pay some rewards to users who are ready to participate and agree to install trackers on their phones, PC, router etc. Google opinion rewards, an Android app, which pay reward the participants if they agree to install this app on their phones.

                Screenwise meter app was initially targeted to folks as young as 13 years old then the minimum age bumped up to 18. That means Google could track the device of a 13 year old.

                “The Screenwise Meter iOS app shouldn’t have operated under Apple’s developer enterprise program- this was a mistake, and we apologize, we have disabled this app from iOS platform”- Google said in a statement


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