Google Drive will soon back up any file or folder on your computer


Tech giant Google announced their latest version of Google Drive’s app which back up any file or folder on your system. The new app called backup and sync will available on June 28th.Google will be able to monitor and backup any file in your system that you pointed out.

The new tool is designed for average users,not for pro. The new app available for both Mac and windows users from June 20th.Google backup and sync integrated with Google Photos desktop uploader.

Google says to their G Suite customers-those who pay for Google’s cloud-driven apps-should stick with Drive for Mac/PC until a new solution built for them,which launches in end of this year. We can access the data from any point of the world on any device that’s also synced to the service,when Google does its scan. If you don’t currently allow Google Drive for Mac/PC in your organization,your users will not be able to use google’s new drive app.

However,the main drawback of Backup and sync is space. Google only provide 15 GB space for free. So the more file you having back up,will be a very quick way of hitting that free 15 GB cap on free accounts.

Actually Google didn’t release the full specs of their new app. We will let you know once they announced


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