Google Testing “Panic Button” To Kill Malware Apps Instantly


Tech giant Google silently testing panic button feature in Android to kill malware-ridden apps. Last couple months ,the world has witnessed so many ransomware attacks such as Wannacry, CopyCat and Petya attack.

With Android 7.1,Google has added so-called panic button in its operating system,which helps users to remove malware-ridden apps with a single click.

Actually,many Android users are not aware about this feature in their Android Phones. “Panic feature” was first discover by XDA forums ,during their routine tests. This feature helps users to kill or remove any app instantly if they find them to be malicious. However,it is unclear about the panic button behavior would be enough to shut down all ransomware like screen-locking ransomware. More testing is needed to find all features of Panic button,but this feature sounds really good.

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The users could press the “Back” button four times continuously ,android would close all apps and return the user to home screen. This feature will helps users to stop malware from encrypting the data.

   // Number of presses needed before we induce panic press behavior on the back button 
Static final int PANIC_PRESS_BACK_COUNT = 4; 
Static final int PANIC_PRESS_BACK_NOTHING = 0; 
Static final int PANIC_PRESS_BACK_HOME = 1:


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