Google Will Stop Looking Your Email to show targeted Ads In Gmail


Google announced that they are going to stop,one of the controversial decision, scanning the emails for the purpose of providing personalizes ads.

Google already scanning emails doesn’t for business. Users are allow to opt out and Google reserves this practice only for personalized accounts not for corporate accounts .

Google won’t stop showing ads in Gmail actually,it’s worth noting that given how much the company already knows about all of its users,it just no need these additional signals from Gmail.

Google’s senior VP for Google Cloud,Diane Greene,says “G-suite’s Gmail is already not as input for ads personalization,and Google has decided to follow suit

later this year in our free consumer Gmail Service”.Google made this decision because it “brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalize ads for other Google products”-He added

The move is designed to ease concerns of customers .Greene announced the changes on Friday through his blog post. Actually,this decision didn’t come from Google’s ad team,but from its cloud unit. Paying customers never received email scanning ads like their Free users.

The move to stop targeted ads in Gmail doesn’t mean that users won’t still see ads. Google still has the right to scan search histories,YouTube browsing and searching, and other browsing activity as long as you’re using Googl’e free Gmail service.



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