Indian Astronomers discover Rare Galaxies


A group of Indian astronomers reported the discovery of large number of rare galaxies called Giant Radio Galaxies(GRGs),Which is termed as the largest Galaxies known in the universe.The reason behind the size and rarity of this GRGs are still unknown.

According to lead researcher Pratik Dabhade,Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics(IUCAA,Pune),”The huge size of the GRGs has defied any theoretical explanation so far,Our work will help in understanding how these Galaxies grow to be so large”.

Dabhade worked with Joydeep Bagchi(IUCAA),Mamta Pommier(CNRS Observatoire de Lyon),Madhuri Gaikwad(NCRA-TIFR,Pune),Shishir Sankhyayan(IISER,Pune) and Somak Raychaudhury(IUCAA).

According to there statement,”We are studying whether they are born in regions of very sparse galaxy density,or they have extremely powerful,well collimated,long lasting radio jets which allow them to expand to huge distances “.

The team carried out a systematic search for these radio giants and found a large number of GRGs,Using a nearly 20 year old radio survey.



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