Kalamsat:Worlds Smallest Satellite Designed By An Indian

Rifath Sharook with his satellite. Source:New York Post
Rifath Sharook with his satellite. Source:New York Post

On June 21,2017,National Aeronautics & Space Administration launched lightest-smallest satellite,Kalamsat, from Wallop’s Space center. The satellite is designed by an18 year old Indian Rifath Sharook ,a native of Tamil Nadu. This was the first NASA launch satellite made by a student. Kalamsat which has been named in the memory of A.P.J Abdul Kalam,who is a world famous scientist and Former President of India.

Key Factors Of Kalamsat

  • Kalamsat designed by Rifath Sharook,18 year old student from Karur district in Tamil Nadu,India

  • Sharook made this project through the competition :Cubes in Space”,which was a joint venture of NASA and I Doodle Learning.

  • Sharook’s project was sponsored by “Space kidz India”

  • Kalamsat weights only 64 grams.

  • Sharook’s project,first to be manufactured through 3D technology,and aims to redefine the new technology in space

  • The mini satellite would operate for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space.It collected so many data before falling into sea.

  • It has a new kind of on-boaard computer and eight inbuilt sensors to measure rotation,acceleration and the earth’s magnetosphere.

  • They did lot of search on different cube satellites around the world,and found Kalamsat was the lightest and smallest.They obtained some of the components from India and some from abroad as well

  • Rifath sharook had launches a 1,200g Helium weather balloon from Kelabakkam,Tamil Nadu


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