LG might be release G6 Mini soon….


According to reports from technobuffalo,suggests that LG is planning to release a Mini G6 soon.Technobuffalo claims that there team viewed an internal report that depicts a 5.4 inch with an 18:9 aspect ratio,That’s the unique ratio LG introduced with G6,Which is released on April this year.

The documents did not mentioned any other specifications and it dated to last year.This means LG could be cancelled this plan or it still can be happen.The 5.4 inch is not much smaller than the G6’s 5.7 inch display.

Some rumours claims that,LG planning to build the G6 mini with single camera set up on rear,that is the dual camera set up on the original G6 is not followed on G6 mini.The bezel less display is the only similar feature between the G6 and G6 Mini.

If it is happen,really a game changer in small sized smartphone market,bezel less display in small size(5.4 or 5.2),I think it will be very comfortable to use.

G6 mini would be great.Too bad it won’t happen.


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