Luxury Phone Maker Vertu Decided to Stop Production

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Initially,we people were using Phones for making and receiving calls. After the arrival of smartphones people using it for connecting with people through internet rather than making or receiving calls. Day by day companies like Xiaomi,oppo,Samsung etc are trying to make cheapest phones to capture or increase their market share. But some company makes phone for rich and famous people.,who loves precious stones. They actually don’t care about common people. They are making phones with Gold and Diamonds.

Today,a luxury phone maker,Vertu, has announced that it will be liquidated. The company will cut 200 jobs with its liquidation. Vertu is a handmade mobile brand company

in Britain. They are using very precious stones ,Diamonds,golds etc.

Vertu was founded by Finnish company Nokia in 1998 to make luxury phones mainly for celebrities and rich people who love luxury life and precious stones. They made smartphones like Signature Touch,which costs £7,500 in 2014 powered with Snapdragon 810 processor with cutting-edge. Vertu facing some serious financial problem after it being first sold to Chinese firm in 2015,then it was bought by a Turkish exile in March 2017.

Vertu made a phone worth rs $46,600 which is made by 18-carat red gold phone. But the company failed to find a customer .Actually nobody interested to by 18-carat red gold phone. It had a 5.5 inch Quad HD display and fingerprint sensor .It packed with 12 megapixel read camera and 128GB of internal storage and 3,200mAh battery. However,nobody bought this “smart”phone .


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