Motorola Designed Self-Healing Screen For Smartphones


The leading Smartphone maker Motorola designed a Self-Healing Screen for Smartphone. Lenovo Owned Motorola spends so much money for research and developing new techniques. A cracked cellphone screen is one of the common irritations of phone users.

Motorola filed patent request on February 2016 but only just announced by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office shortly called as USPTO. Motorola already sells phone with Shutter proof display.

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The Self-healing screen would be covered with so called “Shape Memory Polymer” that could be returned to its original shape with the application of heat. But it is unclear that when Motorola or its Parent company Lenovo use this technique .However,the “Shape Memory Polymer” can only work against small scratches and cracks. It will not work if you’ve chipped out some parts on display. It is still unclear how a polymer-coated screen would actually feel to use, whether its touch and heat sensitivity.

The company also says the device will not be as good as old screen. But if this technology ever released,it could help solve a common problem of Smartphones.


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