OnePlus 5-Flagship killer???!


OnePlus,The young smartphone makers from china make an impressive fan base from all over the world by introducing high specified as well as affordable smartphones.

We all know that how fast the smartphone market is developing day by day.The leading smartphone makers like Samsung,Apple etc are introducing modern technologies with there latest flagships.This is a huge challenge for OnePlus,they have to produce same specified flagship smartphones for small price compared to them.As the technology improves,The price will also go up.So OnePlus have to compromise some of the features for the price deduction,Otherwise OnePlus will lose the price advantage.

OnePlus 5,The recent flagship from the  Oneplus is also taglined as the Flagship killer.Did you think it’s a flagship killer???!!

Let’s compare OnePlus 5 with flagships from Samsung,Apple,LG etc…

The major advantage of Oneplus is the execution of design,specifications and software as we would expect from a high end smartphones. OnePlus 5 also provide the superior hardware and software combination provided by other  high end smartphones.

Oneplus 5 is an absolutely beast in performance by the combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and  8 GB RAM.It can handle powerful apps,muti tasking and whatever else we through at it.There is no lagging or slowness is reported on our testing.On performance base,OnePlus 5 is far better than the other Android flagships.

On software side,OnePlus 5 is worked on the Oxygen OS based on the Android Nougat 7.1.1,which is incredibly light and optimised.The software is designed to refine Android’s core functionalities with useful features and optimisations.The result is an enhanced experience that is just as light and customisable as stock Android.There is no unwanted apps or bloatwares.If Oneplus doesn’t feel it can add a feature that can improve the experience,it doesn’t force it upon it users.

The attractive features added by the Oneplus are Reading mode,a feature that utilises an ambient sensor and gray scale mapping to provide an experience similar to using an e-reader.Also includes Expanded screen shots,Auto night Mode, Gaming do not disturb and the older features like custom gestures,ability to tweak the status bar etc.Optimisation and handling the software,the Oneplus done an exceptional job.

By the optimisation of software and hardware,the Oneplus 5 can provide users with enough power to get through the heavy day of use.With the 3,300mAh battery,we can never feel the battery was lacking.The Dash Charge Technology also help us to make a full day charge with half an hour charging.So,Again Oneplus 5 is the leader in the battery department.

Oneplus 5 design clearly inspired by the iPhone 7 plus,I think it is far better.At 7.25mm thickness,thinner than their predecessors and the aluminium build,rounded corners feels premium and provides supreme comforts and ergonomics.Compare to the iPhone 7 plus,The Oneplus size feels very manageable and smaller overall.

So as per the design,it’s  not up to the Galaxy S8,but it definitely better than the iPhone 7 plus.

To reduce the price,the OnePlus first compromises the display,it’s only have 5.5 inch 1080p Full HD AMOLED display,Same one we saw in the Oneplus 3T.Its very disappointing,there is clear difference in display quality compared to the Galaxy S8,have high resolution and edge to edge display,provide S8 users with a wider viewing space.

The other compromises by the Oneplus is lack of water and dust resistance,expandable storage And wireless charging.If they can add this features,I think they can easily attract the die hard fans of the Samsung and Apple.

The biggest fartures of the Oneplus 5 There dual camera setup,have 16 megapixel main camera with 20 megapixel telephoto camera.Similar setup used in iPhone 7 plus,Oneplus says it can offer markets best camera for there users.The other features of the dual camera setup is the portrait mode,like iPhone 7 plus.The feature works well but,more often than not.The portrait image look like a little too artificial.I think it’s happens due to the lack of optical image stabilisation for the main camera.Otherwise,Oneplus 5’s camera produces nice result.Auto focus is very fast,images are sharp and clean colour reproduction.

In low light,the images become worst compared to day light,the Oneplus still has plenty of optimisation to do.When Oneplus officially unveiling the Oneplus 5,they projected the dual camera as the biggest feature.Unfortunately,it’s not as great like the Galaxy S8,iPhone 7 plus or even Google Pixel.That’s  big disappointment,The Oneplus already confirms that they will definitely improve the camera on there next update.If they can it will be an huge update for Oneplus 5.

Overall,The Oneplus 5 have great specifications,fantastic design,clean and impressive software among the other young smartphone makers.But it is enough to fight with smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple.I think it’s not enough to fight with some thing like Galaxy’s S8 in term of fit and finish and  quality.

If they can provide edge to edge display,IP68 or IP67 certificate,wireless charge at same price,definitely we can say that Oneplus 5 is a Flagship killer.But by this features we can say that it’s just a flagship smartphone with high performance.What would you say????

The performance is enough to call a smartphone “Flagship killer”????!





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