Personal Data of 6 Million Verizon Users has Leaked


Verizon,an American telecommunication company,has announced on Wednesday the personal data of 6 million users data has leaked online due to third-party server problem.

UpGuard,Cyber Security Firm, found the leak,the same company that discovered leaked voter data in June. The news was broke by ZDNet.

The cloud server of Verizon was owned and operated by NICE Systems,Israeli based telephonic software and data firm,a third-party vendor for Verizon

Nice System was the cause of leak,” UpGuard says on


According to UpGuard data,16 million data were leaked from Verizon but, spokesperson of Verizon has claimed that only 6 million customers data has exposed. The leaked data includes Name,Address,Phone Numbers,PIN Numbers,account details etc.

Verizon says to their customers to change users PIN immediately to avoid risk. However,the company spokesperson David Samberg says “There has been no loss or theft”.

The data has leaked due to an employee of Nice Systems put an information into a cloud storage and permitted external access to information.

UpGuard says no to disclose how they discovered the leaked data.

Chris Vickery,Director of UpGuard Cyber Risk Research,discovered the unprotected data on June8,and the company informed Verizon on June 13,and the data was secured by June22.

Nice System said in a statement ,This breach was occurred due to human error and it is not related to any of their products nor their level of security.


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