Privacy Policy

We at take privacy very seriously.We would never disclose your personal information to third parties.

Submission of personal information is not required in order to browse our website.However if you choose to register on our subscription,comment,affiliates,partners and other areas of our website,we may ask for information which may include your name,email address and we also strongly urge you not to disclose any of your personal address,email and phone number when interacting with our readers in comment section.

You should however be aware that we record data about your visit to our website for statistical purposes.We only collect that to analyse our readers and we may provide this analysis to our potential advertisers and business partners.

The data we collect is not personally identifiable regardless of whether you are a registered user.Every computer and device connected to the internet is assigned an internet protocol address,which can often be used to identify your country,state and city.This may be used for statistical purposes.

Our privacy policy is subjected to change at any time without notice.To make sure you are aware of any changes,please review this policy.