Professional Camera maker Red’s first smartphone-Hydrogen One


High-end professional Camera maker Red has announced its first smartphone-Hydrogen One,Which is a modular smartphone features a holographic display.

Hydrogen One is an 5.7 inch modular smartphone,allowing attachments for shooting high quality videos and images.It will also compatible with Red’s cameras like EPIC,Scarlet and weapon.The provided image shows it have both USB-C Port and headphone jack.

According to Red;

“It is no longer necessary to carry another device to enjoy multi-dimensional content.Nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content,holographic multi-view content,3D content and interactive games”.

In software department,The Red confirmed that the Hydrogen One runs on the Android.

Red’s says that;

“There is a property algorithm embedded in the OS that converts stereo sound into multi dimensional audio”.

Coming to the pricing,The device starts at $1,195 for aluminium variant and $1,595 for titanium variant.

The Hydrogen One is expected to arrive at early 2018.


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