Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 450 for mid-range smartphones


Qualcomm announced a significant upgrade to its 435 chipset with highly power efficient 14nm based Snapdragon 450 chipset.The Qualcomm chipset is reportedly optimised for mid-range smartphones to offer more efficiency than the current generation chipsets which implement a 28nm process.The new Snapdragon 450 chipset can clocked at 1.8GHz instead of 1.4GHz in 435 chipset.

Reports suggested that the Qualcomm 450 will include a new Hexagon 546 DSP which will be up to five times more efficient than the previous generation 400 series chips.Which will be attained by trickling down the higher end components from the 600 to 800 chipsets to the 400 series chipsets.

Gaming enthusiasts can now avail the benefits of advanced graphics supports with Adreno 506 GPU which has been inherited from the Snapdragon 625 chips.Being based on the 14nm process,The Snapdragon 450 incorporates twice the number of processing clusters to deliver extreme performance with greater power efficiency on the same GPU.

The other important features of Snapdragon 450 includes,Longer battery life,Support dual camera setup with bokeh effect,Higher CPU and GPU performance,USB 3.0 and Quick charge 3.0 technology.

Qualcomm hinted that it will be release in end of this year and it’s a good news for mid-range smartphone users.


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