How to remove your personal medical details from Google?


Tech Giant Google announced a historical decision to remove people medical reports from internet. Google made the change on Thursday,the Guardian reported. Google will accept request from people to remove their personal records from search result.

The company update their removal policy which includes “confidential,personal medical reports of private people”.The company also accept the request to remove images of child abuse,copyright take down requests-including Digital.

Here the complete list of information Google may remove from their search results:

  • National Identification Number

  • Bank Account Details

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Images of Signatures

  • Nude or Sexually explicit images

  • Personal Medical Reports

How to remove your medical reports from Google?

Will Google delete your personal details automatically?No,they won’t delete until you submit valid proof. Here the steps are

  1. You need to double check whether your details are online or not. For this,search your name on Google

  2. If you found your detail,just copy the URL of a website.

  3. Head to Google’s privacy page and request to remove the content.

  4. At the bottom of the policy page,click on “Remove information you see in Google search” and answer the other queries. At the end,Provide URL containing your personal details.

If you find any issue,click here for troubleshoot

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