Tmall Genie:A Voice Assistant From Alibaba


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd launched the smart speaker Tmall Genie,an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker, on Wednesday.

The device are activated by voice commands to perform different tasks such as weather reports,calendars,control smart-home devices of Alibaba such as Tmall Box,air conditioner and air purifier, using internet connectivity,artificial intelligence. However,Tmall Genie will only be available in china and it is activated by saying “Tmall Genie” in Chinese. Tmall Genie allows user to control with verbal commands.

The device comes with black and white, and the official sale date is on August 8th.

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Tmall genie” named after the company’s e-commerce platform Tmall. The user can order items from Alibaba’s shopping site called Tmall, Function similar to Amazon Echo device. The product comes with voice recognition features to ensure that only authorized users can order products.

Tmall Genie” will be a big threat for similar products from US tech giants cause of its low cost price. The Tmall Genie is launching for ¥499 ,around $73.The price of Tmall Genie is much cheaper than Apple’s Homepad ($349), Google Home ($129) and Amazon Echo ($230).

However,Alibaba’s voice assistant now only supports Chinese,so it won’t be an issue for US tech giants in their home markets.


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