Xbox One X is on the way


                                  Microsoft announced their most expensive and most powerful console today,at Los Angeles.Microsoft named their new model Xbox as XBOX ONE X ,will available on 7th November of this year,priced $499.The announcement came at E3 expo at Los Angeles,California,USA.

                                Xbox one x previously named as “Project Scorpio” will change the gaming concept of people around the world. Microsoft also announced that Xbox one X will support will all current games. Xbox one X looks smaller than any other previous models.


Xbox one X came with six teraflops of graphical power which gives high graphical performance than their main opponent PS4. PS4 only provide 4.2 teraflops graphical power.

The game console equipped with 8 core CPU clocked at 2.4 GHz with 12 GB DDR5 Memory. The game console would feature GPu clocked with 1174 MHz which gives 6 teraflops of graphical power. This feature is enough to beat their major opponent play station 4 pro ,which provides only 4.2 teraflops of graphical performance with 972 Gpu

The 4K compatible machine promise smooth and easy game play at ultra HD resolution along with HDR support.


Xbox one X follows a very similar design to their previous model Xbox One S. When comparing the size of Xbox One x is smaller than the old ones .

The biggest change in Xbox one X is its color because Xbox one S came with clean white color,but the new console came with space Grey. Round the back similarities to the One S continue,From left to right you’ve got a power connector,HDMI out and in, two USB ports ,an IR out ,an optical audio port and also an Ethernet port.

In front of the machine there is a disc slot ,a single USB port, and an “ON” button, a controller sync button and an IR receiver. It is also very similar to their previous model Xbox One S.

With a slew of releases from immensely popular franchises on the way, along with new games that are designed to take advantage of the console’s powerful new GPU, it looks like the Xbox One X could make a strong impression on players when it arrives later this year.


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